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 Is it art or is it science? Campaign delves deep to show what makes up the best.  The Best Awards celebrates the years top graphic, architectural, interior and product design. UnsworthShepherd were invited to create the campaign and awards night theme. Our concept ‘What makes up the best?’ highlighted the physical award - the gold, purple and black pins.  3D molecular models formed from the pins represented 'Blood (Haemoglobin), Sweat (Magnesium) and Cheers (Alcohol). These were then used in print, online and in moving images for the awards night.
 Brand new retailer gets off to a flying start thanks to expressive design.  Electric Kiwi are a home grown independent online retailer of low cost electricity who needed to differentiate in a competitive category but with a small budget.  The development of a striking 3D ‘character’ allowed for customisation to demonstrate customer benefits. The result has been a memorable, cost-effective and campaign-able idea rolled out in print, online and advertising.   electrickiwi
 Name change offers new opportunities.  The ASB Community Trust name change to Foundation North provided the need for a rebrand that offered a new take on the old identity.  Elements of their original green stone spiral were taken through to a more robust and modern circular design with customised versions that resolved the multiple applications required of it.  The layered Koru inspired shape enabled further storytelling as a graphic device into which images could be placed. This reflects the brand idea - ‘behind every grant there is a story’.
 Vibrant design sparks life back into local retail destination.  Putting the 'all' in Glenfield Mall provided a vibrant identity, design system and locally focussed storytelling for a previously generic retail site. This helped establish a contemporary and fresh direction that connected to its location, community and history as a gathering place.  The system was rolled out across exterior, interior, promotional and digital branding. The Mall has significantly increased turnover since the rebrand.   glenfieldmall
 Clear and consistent design takes wayfinding to new levels.  Glenfield Mall's revitalisation has extended to it's five levels with the implementation of a new wayfinding system. After an extensive signage review a simplified system of designs and applications were installed bringing in clarity and connection for customers.      
  A new look that is not just a pretty face.   The need for some strategic thinking to reflect the businesses new opportunities and aspirations was also a chance to check where GoodnessMe could ‘fill the gaps in the snack food market.  With a successful and established product already on shelves we worked together with the client and discovered that at the heart of it the team just ‘love good food’. The resulting custom identity allowed for a fun approach to packaging and communication material that not only puts a smile on your dial but has helped invigorate the team and increase sales.
  Setting the pattern for brand success.   As a leading New Zealand roading and infrastructure company,  Higgins  have an enviable reputation and a growing portfolio of large scale projects. They wanted to reflect their evolution with a fresh brand update, focussing on a new website and internal values system.  UnsworthShepherd designed a range of support graphics influenced by road signage patterns and termed 'Higginometry' to underpin the existing identity.
  Providing a platform for an island to find its place in the tourists calendar.   The Motutapu Restoration Trust is a charitable trust that depends on the generosity of the community and an army of planting volunteers and fundraisers.  Motutapu Island - as a destination and as a cause - was increasingly vying for attention and relevance.  Facilitated workshops with key Trust members ensured brand architecture, clear messaging and core language all aligned to create connections for both local and international visitors.  The marque then needed to evoke this ancient landform, its geology and geography, cultural and historical past of early Maori settlement to farming, maritime playground and World War 2 defensive position.   This piece of work was gifted to Motutapu Restoration Trust.
 New brand helps shine a light for industry torchbearer.  The New Zealand Dental Association recently commissioned US to reinvigorate their visual and verbal communications from the inside out.  The result, a new confidence and clarity in language and a look to match. Rolled out across an extensive range of channels.
  Connecting ceremony and celebration.   The NZDA annual conference was the perfect opportunity to officially launch the new brand identity and build immediate meaning in the thinking behind it.  The heritage and symbolism already embraced by the close knit association was the spark for using the torch from their shield to help spread the word about their very popular annual gathering.
 Rebrand reconnects local community to retail site.  New owners provided the opportunity to rediscover the local history and differentiation of a once thriving local landmark. Known locally as 'The Plaza' it was one of New Zealand's first shopping centres - dating from the 1960's. 'Pakuranga' in Maori means 'Battle of the suns rays' and the site sat on a former cabbage tree swamp.  The mark evolved as an abstract mix of these elements and influenced by the 1960’s era. The graphic system had to allow for a variety of communications including initiatives and retail/promotional material. The arc shape functioned as an identifiable housing device for patterns and images.
 Design thinking helps put Kiwis at the centre of their finances.  Part of the Commission for Financial Capability, Sorted is the independent money guide and required a fresh identity and approach to delivering financial advice and tools.  Our solution - a brand identity designed to literally put every New Zealander at the centre of their financial life, and in a way that allowed it to be tailored, personalised and expanded upon.
 Strong language helps turn a tale into a reality.  UnsworthShepherd have helped Squirrel Group build brand equity in its range of offers as the business has successfully evolved.  Making sense of the previously unexplained Squirrel name through storytelling and focussing on the independent support role for first time home buyers or property investors. A refreshed identity and design system brought the elements to vivid life and were rolled out across website and print collateral.  Further language and imagery development has helped Squirrel Money establish itself in the market and stay ahead of the competition.
  Engaging approach gets new home buyers across the line.   This modern terrace house development is designed to combine great value with great quality in the established Auckland neighbourhood of Avondale.  Bordered by the historic Jockey Club and close to everything the community has to offer, we embraced what makes this location unique.
 Distilling the essence of a listed company.  Trilogy International Limited (TIL) are the home of some of New Zealands best loved natural and home fragrance brands. They needed to unify, clarify and express the groups corporate position and internal passion.  UnsworthShepherd worked with the team to refine language and craft naming protocols, producing a new identity as well as a sophisticated corporate voice that reflects the spirit of it's brands but never overshadows them.
 Brand building a community before the bricks and mortar.  Waimahia Inlet is a private development set on the shores of the Manukau Harbour. Their focus was on Kiwi families striving to step on or move up the home ownership ladder. Created by leading housing organisations, with the support of some of New Zealand’s most experienced urban planners, architects and building companies.  UnsworthShepherd helped identify key messaging and a consistent tone and manner for the project. A marque and supporting graphic system were developed that conveyed the location and future community vision. This was rolled out across several planned channels and stages of the development.